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This is the Poetry assessor. You can use it to compare your poems with a set of 150 poems by poets who have published in mainstream poetry publications.

The Poetry Assessor is calibrated using 150 poems by 'established' poets and 150 poems by poets who are not 'established'. For a complete list of the poems by established poets, contact The Poetry Assessor.

The Poetry Assessor generates a score based on the extent to which the assessed poem is similar to poems by established poets (positive scores) or, alternatively, to poems that are not by established poets (negative scores).

The Poetry Assessor is calibrated using contemporary (20th and 21st century) poems. As such, scores generated for texts that are not contemporary poems are not valid.

A paper describing the principles upon which the Poetry Assessor is based is available here. Please note, however, that the current version is calibrated on a different corpus of poems than those used in the paper. The variables and induction method are also different from those used in the paper.

Please note that song lyrics and poems are very different types of texts. If you wish to assess song lyrics, try

To Use the Poetry Assessor:

1) Copy the poem to be analysed and paste it into the textbox below. Note that only the text of the poem should be included: the title should not be included.

2) The Poetry Assessor will pick up 95% of variations in spelling due to differences in British and American English. However, the default language is American English. Therefore, for maximum accuracy, it is advisable to use American English

3) Press 'Submit' once. A result will be generated in a few seconds.

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